Microsoft ends support for “Skype 7 Classic”

Microsoft has decided to end the “Skype 7.0 Classic” version in November and focus on improving “Skype 8” with better features based on user feedback.
“Technical support for” Skype 7 and earlier versions “will end on desktop computers on November 1, 2018, and on mobile devices and tablets on November 15, 2018,” the company said in a blog.
However, the company would allow users to use older versions and give them time to update to new Skype updates.

“We’re still working on the features you want the most, and lately we’ve started recording calls and introducing the ability to engage in a conversation – you can add phone numbers to existing contacts and continue to control them.” Your availability status and more, “added the message.
In early September, Microsoft redesigned the Skype mobile and desktop interface, making voice calls, video chat, and messaging easier.
The video and voice application also offered encryption of end-to-end private conversation on the platform.

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