Facebook recognizes that you’re using your phone number to serve targeted ads.

Facebook has admitted that the phone numbers that its users provide for security purposes are used to targit them, the media reported.
“We use the information from people to create a personalized and personalized experience on Facebook, including advertising,” said TechCrunch spokesman TechCrunch on Thursday a Facebook spokesman.
In particular, the social network uses a user-provided phone number for two-factor authentication (2FA), a security technique that provides a second level of authentication to ensure account security, the report adds.

“We understand how we use the information we collect, including the contact information uploaded by users or added to their own account, and you can manage and delete any contact information you download at any time.” said Facebook. Speaker.
Facebook has confirmed the use of ad-user phone numbers for ad targeting after Gizmodo reported a study by academics from two US universities that found that the social network uses personal information that users did not have. not explicitly identified.
In addition to using the contact information that users are willing to provide to Facebook, they also use the contact information they provided for security purposes and contact information they did not provide. but from the contact directories of other people, says the Gizmodo report.
The results of the study indicate that Facebook uses “fictitious contact information” to earn money through advertising.

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