This Apple Siri abbreviation can help you if you are pulled by a traffic officer

Given the abuse of power and widespread police corruption in India, your iPhone could be useful at the next stop. With Apple’s new iOS features in iOS 12, you can arm your iPhone to record interactions with the cops and seek help from friends by simply activating a voice command.
This Siri abbreviation was created by Robert Petersen, a Reddit user, located in Florence, Arizona. To activate the Siri connection and get the command working, Petersen suggests that drivers keep their iPhones (with iOS 12) in the dashboard while driving.

According to the abbreviation of Petersen, Siri, when the police stop your car, just say “Hey Siri, I’ll crush” as an order. In this way, the iPhone automatically stops listening while listening to music. This turns off the brightness of your iPhone, activates the Do Not Disturb mode, and sends you a text message to a specific contact (which you can select) to warn you that you have been overwritten by a police officer. Finally, this command automatically launches the video recording of the iPhone (on the front camera) with the police officer of the car.
Once the video is stopped by the user or another person, the Siri link automatically sends a copy of the video to a selected contact. After that, the iPhone returns to the previous mode with increased brightness and the Do Not Disturb mode is disabled. The link can be downloaded from here. Petersen is asking for suggestions to further improve the connection to Reddit.
This shortcut can help you gain video evidence of all police interactions that can be helpful in case of abuse or maltreatment. More importantly, your friends or family will be notified immediately so they can contact you as soon as possible.

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